“AITA For Telling My Daughter That I Won’t Be Attending Her Wedding?” (2024)

It’s no big secret that marriages are challenging and don’t always work out. Frankly, not all partnerships are meant to be, and sometimes, all you have left to do is start afresh.

That’s exactly what happened to u/Suspicious_Pair_4940 – however, his past is not willing to let him go, and he’s now facing some difficulties with his own child. The man was recently invited to her wedding, but the woman neglected to do the same for his new wife and kids, which led to a conflict.

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Man refuses to go to daughter’s wedding as she didn’t invite his family

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He said he was “very hurt” as everyone else was invited, including her mom’s boyfriend and his sons

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AITA for telling my daughter that I won’t be attending her wedding?” – this father took to one of Reddit’s most judgmental groups to ask its members if it was wrong of him to reject his daughter’s wedding invitation because she didn’t invite his wife and kids. The post managed to garner over 12K upvotes as well as 3.5K comments discussing the situation.

Did you know that according to this piece from Wilkinson & Finkbeiner, a family law firm in San Diego County, researchers estimate that 41% of all first marriages end in divorce? Well, the author of today’s story also happens to fall under this category – however, there were bigger things that followed the separation than he perhaps might’ve anticipated.

The thing is, the Redditor’s daughter is getting married soon, yet she didn’t invite the man’s wife or their kids to the wedding. Naturally, he was very hurt and taken aback, so he stated that since his family wasn’t welcome, he shouldn’t be either. The soon-to-be bride was furious and allegedly called him crying, calling him a jerk for doing this as she couldn’t come to terms with the fact that her own father wasn’t going to walk her down the aisle.

The netizen then revealed that his offspring was a “happy child” until she was 13, when he and her mother divorced. It goes without saying that she was devastated, which is why the family tried it all, including therapy. The man met his now-wife four years later, which sort of served as a second blow, as the woman had always hoped that her parents would reunite. But despite every attempt to forge at least some semblance of a connection, she never grew to like the man’s new partner.

Moreover, concerning the wedding, everyone else was invited, including her mom’s new boyfriend and his sons. The woman also told her dad that she was free to invite whoever she wanted; he agreed and even supported her decision – however, the man also noted that by the same logic, shouldn’t he also be free to decline the invitation?

He also noted that despite his best efforts, his daughter never learned to accept his new wife, which is why he made the decision to reject the invitation

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Later on, the netizen also provided some additional comments on the story. He first acknowledged the verdict and thanked his fellow community members for weighing in on the situation and determining that, in this case, nobody is a jerk. The man believed he was doing the right thing by giving his daughter space – however, he truly wishes he knew how to combat this delicate matter.

He revealed that his ex told him she didn’t love him anymore and wanted to see other people, so they filed for a divorce and decided not to tell their daughter the reason, presumably for protection purposes. The woman changed her mind a year later and wanted to get back together, but the man’s love and trust had already faded. Close ones urged him to give their relationship a second chance for the sake of their child – however, the man opposed it, leaving him to be the scapegoat. The Redditor also stated that he always tried to show his daughter that she was his number one priority and, with time, even unveiled the actual truth behind his and her mother’s separation, hoping she would understand. But that never happened, and the bond he had dreamed of never came to life.

The man noted that he didn’t regret going against everyone’s advice regarding his old marriage and that he’s also going to do the same now and not attend his daughter’s wedding. She had made no attempt to establish any kind of relationship at all. She refused to meet her two brothers and even now isn’t very interested in him going; instead, she simply seems to want her father to lead her down the aisle since it would be humiliating otherwise.

What do you think about this situation? Would you have done things differently if you were in the author’s shoes?

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“AITA For Telling My Daughter That I Won’t Be Attending Her Wedding?” (2024)


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