Caliber Collision Vs. Gerber Collision: Best Auto Body Repair Chain (2024)

If you’ve been in a car accident, you know that getting your vehicle repaired quickly and correctly is crucial. Two of the largest collision repair companies in the U.S. are Caliber Collision and Gerber Collision. They both promise high-quality repairs, but have different shop networks, services, and processes.

So how do you decide which national chain is best for your repair needs? In this article, we’ll compare and contrast Caliber and Gerber to help you make an informed choice if you need collision work done.

A Brief Comparison Table

CategoryCaliber CollisionGerber Collision
Shop locations1000+ locations in 19 states275 locations in 13 states
Regional presenceMainly South and WestMainly Midwest, South, and East
Services offeredFull collision repairs, paintless dent repair, cosmetic repairsMainly collision repair services
Repair processLifetime warranty on repairsRepair tracking technology
Customer serviceCertified technicians, concierge experienceSkilled technicians, repair status updates
InsuranceWork with all major providersGuaranteed deductible waiver for repeat customers

Overview Of Caliber Collision And Gerber Collision

First, let’s look at some background on each company.

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Caliber Collision was founded in 1997 and is headquartered in Lewisville, TX. They now operate over 1,000 repair centers across 19 U.S. states. Caliber touts its certified repair technicians and focus on customer service.

Gerber Collision opened their first shop in Chicago in 1937 and their headquarters is in Boynton Beach, FL. They have around 275 locations across 13 states. Gerber emphasizes their experience and commitment to eco-friendly, OEM repair procedures.

Both chains promise to restore your vehicle to pre-accident condition. They work with all major insurance providers. Each company uses genuine OEM parts for repairs whenever possible.

Shop Network And Availability

A key difference between Caliber and Gerber is the size and location of their collision shop networks.

Caliber has significantly more repair centers than Gerber, over 1,000 compared to around 275. Caliber shops are located mostly across the South and Western regions, while Gerber is more concentrated in the Midwest, South, and Eastern U.S.

This means Caliber likely has a shop closer to you. With their high number of locations spanning coast to coast, Caliber can provide convenience and quick repairs for customers.

Gerber’s smaller footprint limits their reach mostly to the central and eastern half of the country. Unless you live in that region, you may not have a Gerber shop located near your home or workplace.

Services Offered

The services available also vary somewhat between these auto body providers.

Caliber Collision offers complete collision repair services for all vehicle makes and models. They repair all types of collision damage, including frame/unibody, fenders, bumpers, glass, and more.

Additional Caliber services include:

  • Paintless dent repair
  • Window tinting
  • Interior repairs
  • Scratch removal
  • Wheel rim repair
  • Paint touch up
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Gerber Collision provides similar collision and cosmetic repair services. They focus mainly on collision repair services.

Extra services at Gerber include:

  • Glass repair and replacement
  • Interior restoration
  • Alloy wheel repair

So in terms of services, Gerber focuses more on major collision work, while Caliber provides a fuller menu of minor repairs and cosmetic enhancements as well.

Repair Process

The repair process itself is fairly standard across both companies, though there are some differences.

In general, you can expect these steps:

  • Damage evaluation and estimate
  • Insurance claim filing and rental car coordination
  • Parts ordering, repair, and refinishing work
  • Test drive and inspection
  • Delivery when repairs are complete

However, Gerber emphasizes their repair status technology that keeps customers in the loop about their vehicle’s progress through email and text updates. Caliber does not promote similar repair tracking tools.

Caliber showcases their lifetime warranty on repairs. This provides peace of mind that your repairs are guaranteed for as long as you own the vehicle. Gerber offers more limited warranties on their work.

So Gerber appears stronger in repair communication, while Caliber edges them out on warranty coverage.

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Customer Service

Both collision chains aim to deliver exceptional customer service, but may achieve this goal differently.

Caliber heavily promotes their customer care, even calling themselves “The Collision Repair Experts.” They have a Net Promoter Score (NPS) over 80, showing most customers are satisfied. Areas where Caliber seems to shine include:

  • Highly trained and certified technicians
  • Digital inspection software to precisely identify all damage
  • Concierge level service and amenities while you wait
  • Family-owned feel with strong community connections

Gerber also highlights their customer service, summed up by their slogan “Expect more. Get more.” Ways they strive to keep customers satisfied include:

  • Skilled technicians who undergo ongoing training
  • State-of-the-art repair facilities with quality equipment
  • Repair status tracking technology
  • Commitment to eco-friendly practices

Overall, Caliber appears to provide a more concierge, high-end experience compared to Gerber’s efficient, tech-driven service. But both prioritize friendly, knowledgeable service.

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Cost And Insurance

In terms of cost, Caliber and Gerber are fairly on par with each other. You can expect average prices, depending on your vehicle, damage extent, parts needed, and labor time.

Both companies work with all major insurance providers. They can help you through the claims and billing process so your out-of-pocket costs are limited.

One advantage Gerber touts is they offer a lifetime guarantee on your insurance deductible. If you get in another accident and need repairs done by Gerber again, they’ll waive your deductible. Caliber does not promote the same guarantee.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who is the largest collision repair company?

The largest collision repair company in the U.S. is currently Caliber Collision, with over 1,000 locations across 19 states. They perform over 500,000 repairs per year.

Who are Caliber Collision competitors?

Major competitors to Caliber Collision include Gerber Collision, Boyd Autobody, Service King, ABRA Auto Body, and CARSTAR. However, Caliber remains the largest chain by a significant margin in terms of shop locations and volume of repairs.

How many Gerber locations?

Gerber Collision operates around 275 repair shop locations across 13 U.S. states, mostly in the Midwest, South, and Eastern regions. They have significantly fewer shops compared to market leader Caliber Collision’s 1,000+ locations.

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The Bottom Line

In summary, Caliber Collision and Gerber offer similar high-quality collision repair services and processes. Key differences include:

Caliber advantages:

  • Much larger national footprint with 1000+ shops
  • Wider array of minor repairs and cosmetic services
  • Stronger warranty coverage

Gerber advantages:

  • Repair tracking technology keeps customers informed
  • Guaranteed deductible waiver for repeat customers
  • More eco-friendly practices

So, shop location convenience may drive you towards Caliber, while Gerber appeals if you prioritize repair communication and going green. Ultimately, choosing a trustworthy shop with expertise in your vehicle make and model is most important for excellent service.

Either collision giant will provide professional repairs to get your car looking like new again.

Caliber Collision Vs. Gerber Collision: Best Auto Body Repair Chain (2024)


Who owns Caliber Collision Centers? ›

What is collision repair? ›

Auto collision repair is when trained automotive technicians fix the damaged parts and bodies of cars and other vehicles that have been damaged by accidents, weather, or other incidents.

Who owns Gerber Collision? ›

Gerber Collision owner Boyd Group Services last month told investors it had re-entered the mergers and acquisitions game and had resumed spending to upgrade existing facilities.

Who is the largest collision repair company? ›

Caliber Collision Center

What does overhaul mean in collision repair? ›

A vehicle overhaul, often referred to as a "full overhaul" or "rebuild," is like a spa day for your car. It involves a comprehensive process of disassembling, inspecting, and refurbishing all major components of your vehicle.

What is Bondo car repair? ›

Bondo is a polyester putty product originally marketed as an automotive body filler. Nowadays the brand name is used by 3M for a line of American-made products for automotive, marine and household repairs.

What is collision damage coverage? ›

By Allstate. Last updated: July 2023. Collision insurance is a coverage that helps pay to repair or replace your car if it's damaged in an accident with another vehicle or object, such as a fence or a tree. If you're leasing or financing your car, collision coverage is typically required by the lender.

Who is the new CEO of Caliber Collision? ›

David Simmons joined Caliber in March 2023 as CEO.

When did H&F buy Caliber? ›

In 2019, H&F acquired Caliber Collision and merged it with ABRA Auto Body & Glass, LP, an investment made in 2014.

Is Caliber Collision a public company or public company? ›

Caliber Collision Center is a private company headquartered in Texas with an estimated 30,000 employees.

Did Abra buy Caliber? ›

Though the new company will be called Caliber Collision and led by Grimshaw, ABRA parent company Hellman & Friedman actually bought Caliber from Leonard Green Partners and OMERS Private Equity.


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