Caralheto Preto / Lungo del Portogallo Fig Tree (9" Tree Pot) (2024)

I will ship between Monday and Wednesday of the following week after payment is made.

**Trees are shipped in 24" or 36" boxes based on the box closest to the tree size. Therefore, the tree may be bent to fit into the less expensive box. If this concerns you, please contact me for additional shipping options.

Please review the complete listing before purchasing.

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I introduced this cultivar a few years ago on

The Caralheto Pretowas brought over 18 years ago when the owner immigrated from Lisbon, Portugal,and brought this tree with him. As you can see from the pictures, this tree grew very well here in Zone 7. This is a delicious dark-berry fig with a jammy red interior wrapped in a thin reddish skin. The mother tree is very prolific and should provide plenty of figs through the fall.These are a super yummy berry fig that is consistently one of my top figs.

The owner of the tree provided me with cuttings under the name Caralheto Preto. There have been some discussions about the Lungo del Portogallo being a synonym for this cultivar, but it has not been verified.

One thing amazing about figs brought over by generational immigrants to consider is that the immigrants are leaving their mother land, sometimes forever. They bring whatever they can schlep. Yet, they bring a fig tree or fig cuttings, which I believe must have such a unique and savory flavor to them that they cannot buy here in the United States. Moreover, I would like to think it's their way of bringing some of their old home roots to their new start. Personally, I love collecting these family heirlooms, as I believe there is nothing more authentic.

I am The1FigMan on multiplediscussion forums.

I am a registered and inspected nursery! Please visit my YouTube Channel to meet me and seemy Fig CollectionYouTube Channelor on Facebook.

Myreviews and feedback are as high as they arebecause I DO CAREand WILL try to support the buyer. I truly do care about your satisfaction.

KYS - Know Your Seller! There are a lot of people selling fig trees and fig tree cuttings that are NOT what they represent. Sadly, you will not know until a year or 2 later, when there is little recourse. Simple searches of usernames on the internet can prevent this. I grow out all my trees and validate what they are BEFORE selling. I have been around for years and will continue to do so. Ifthere is everan issue, PLEASE contact me anytime.

If you receive a damaged item or are unhappy with the purchase, PLEASE email me. I believe CUSTOMER SATISFACTION is PARAMOUNT!

The trees may arrive a little droopy or may drop a leaf or two due to the shipping conditions. Trees will be packed the night before shipping.As with all reputable sellers,I try to carefullypack your plants to protect during shipping. Due to the varying shipping environments, the trees may not look great upon receipt. Please remove the tree from the packings and keep your tree in a cool, shady location for a day or two to recover. Please check the pot to ensure it is still moist. The fig tree may drop a few leaves due to the varying environments. However, the trees should rebound in a couple of weeks.

If there is any damage to the package upon receipt, please take a picture or two showing the damage of the unopened boxwith the label visible (tracking ID), and a picture or two of the item so a claim may be submitted. If you would prefer, you can refuse shipping, write "Return to Sender - DAMAGED" on the outside of the unopened package,and return to the vendor for inspection. The delivery service is supposed to bring the package back to me, documented with the damage, so I may issue a complete refund.

If you decide to open the package and the tree doesn't look so great, PLEASE take a picture or two and email me. I will provide replacements or 100% refunds up to 30 days as long as the tree condition is documented upon receipt. You may need to bring the tree and original shipping box back to the store for inspection. Please do contact me ASAP so I may assist with the process.

All trees will be shipped with a tracking number. When your item is shipped, you will receive an email that is on file with PayPalor Stripe with a tracking number. I will also add the tracking number to your invoice when it is shipped. Please make sure your shipping address and email are updated on PayPal and/or Stripe prior to payment.

Items on the same invoice will automatically update to provide a combined shipping price. Please purchase all items prior to paying to combine shipping.

Within the continental United States: I ship trees in compliance with the FederalHarmonization Plan and required laws within my state. Therefore, shipping in some areas may require figs to be removed prior to shipping. Although I try to stay current on federal and state laws, changesmay occur without my knowledge. Therefore,buyer's are required to know their jurisdictional laws. I will not refund or replace items seizedby your local government/post office.If you have any concerns, please email prior to purchasing.

Outside the continentalUnited States: Please delay payment until an additional shipping fee is added to your invoice based on the shipping destination. You will have 24 hours to agree and pay on the additional shipping charge after the invoice is updated on the order to retain your priority of shipping. Shipping time will vary based off your location, and I cannot guarantee viability of the items. Buyers accept all responsibility of the trees arrival condition or seizure.

Caralheto Preto / Lungo del Portogallo Fig Tree (9" Tree Pot) (2024)


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