Welcome back to the third and final part of our three-part Deep Dive series. In this blog, we will go through all the updates and new bits we’ve added to F1® 24 to make it the most complete F1® ️experience with special attention paid to our circuit and driver updates arriving when F1® 24 releases on May 31 across Xbox, PlayStation®, and PC.

Track Updates

In F1® 24, you can take on all 24 circuits from this year's official calendar, with dozens of kilometres of tarmac to race on. This year, we have been hard at rebuilding some of your favourite tracks to bring you closer to the real-life grid than ever before.

We are starting off with the development team's home race and one of the most popular tracks among fans and drivers alike: Silverstone. Silverstone has received a significant update to deliver authentic circuit accuracy both on and around the track, meaning you’ll feel every bump, kerb, and elevation change (which is 11.3m!), just as the circuit designers had intended.

Next, we’re taking a quick flight over to Belgium and visiting the Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps, another track steeped in F1® history.

This fan-favourite circuit has had significant changes throughout, with particular attention to one of the most iconic sections on the calendar in Eau Rouge & Raidilon which have been reprofiled and feature an updated run-off area. Turn 11 (No Name) and the Bus Stop chicane have also been reprofiled. Plus, be careful coming out of Bruxelles as there’s now a gravel trap awaiting those who mistime entry. Along with these updates, you will see that some of the off-track fairings have been updated to reflect the real-world track, bringing the circuit closer to reality than ever before.

We aren’t done yet. Both the Lusail International Circuit in Qatar and Saudi Arabia’s Jeddah Corniche Circuit have received updates to paddock buildings, kerbs, and trackside artwork - bringing them closer to their real-world counterparts.

Authentic experience

Moving on from circuit updates, as part of the overhauled Career - which you can find out more about here - you will notice a number of new cutscenes that are played out between sessions, bringing you closer to the personalities on and off the grid.

For the first time, audio samples borrowed from real-world F1® broadcasts have been added to F1® 24. When playing as your favourite driver, you’ll hear contextually relevant voice lines during key moments, such as crossing the finish line at the end of the race or crashing out. There are hundreds of lines to discover, adding a layer of realism as you hear the drivers' raw emotions.

As in previous years, the cars of all 10 teams have been meticulously recreated using CAD detailed CAD data. With the addition of Ray-Traced Dynamic Diffuse Global Illumination technology in our dedicated EGO engine, we have improved the lighting, shadows, and reflections during races and cutscenes.

Advancing from previous games in the series, the 2024 drivers will look better than ever with full hair rendering and vast improvements made to our eye and skin shaders, resulting in our most realistic depictions to-date.

Don’t forget, for those of you who want to start your career off in F2™ like many of the current F1® grid, you can do just that with all the 2023 teams and liveries in the game at launch. The 2024 F2™ cars and drivers will be added later in the year through a free post-launch update, with the same attention to detail as you’ve come to expect.

My Team Icon

More iconic drivers feature in F1® 24 than ever before and now for the first time you can jump into the shoes of one of them to take on a full Driver Career, building upon their legacy. From Pastor Maldonado to Jamie Chadwick, only you can dictate how their stories evolve.

In My Team, you can hire Icons as teammates, which also includes F1 Sim Racing champions Lucas Blakeley, Jarno Opmeer, and David Tonizza.

Exclusive to F1® 24 Champions Edition, 1976 champion James Hunt and 7x race winner Juan Pablo Montoya can be your drivers of choice.


Fanzone builds on F1 23’s F1® World mode and connects you and other players as you progress towards a shared goal.

After completing some of the early F1® World events, you’ll be asked to select your favourite team and driver for the upcoming in-game season, which places you in a Fanzone for each choice.

Fanzone members compete against one another and acquire Fan Points earned through the different modes in F1® World. However you’re earning them, Fan Points contribute to a larger goal of community glory.

Fanzone can expect unique challenges along the way, including rewards for predicting results from the real-life F1 season, and the chance of receiving a bespoke player badge to stand out.

Fanzone Championships have balanced point systems to ensure less popular teams are given a fair chance to be victorious.


Finally, don’t forget you can enhance your F1® 24 experience further with EA Racenet, our official companion app.

Earn bragging rights away from the co*ckpit and compare performances with your friends on the go.

Join, create, and compete in League racing, and use the app to predict those upcoming real-world race results, with in-game rewards and a chance to climb the Fanzone leaderboards.

Available to Pre-Order Now

Players who pre-order* the digital-exclusive Champions Edition by May 31 will get immediate access to a selection of 2024 liveries for use in F1® 23’s special Time Trial mode^, as well as the two new Icons, 18,000 PitCoin**, an F1® World Bumper Pack, up to three days of early access starting May 28 including exclusive Verstappen-inspired special events with unique unlockable rewards, and one bonus VIP Podium Pass.

Plus, those who own F1® 2021, F1® 22, or F1® 23, can take advantage of a 15% loyalty discount on F1® 24 Champions Edition pre-orders***. Load any of these games to find out how.

Players pre-ordering* the Standard Edition will receive 5,000 PitCoin** and an F1® World Starter Pack.

To keep up-to-date with the latest F1® game news and information before, be sure to follow our website and social channels on Instagram, X, TikTok, Threads, and YouTube.

*Conditions and Restrictions apply. See for details.
**Virtual currency to spend in-game.
***Offer ends on May 31, 2024
^Online connection required alongside copy of EA SPORTS F1® 23. Only applicable to Champions Edition pre-orders.



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